Universal Balanced Valve Series Suited for Multitude of Pneumatic Applications

The Balanced Solenoid Valve Series is a family of universal, pressure-balanced, direct-acting solenoid valves suitable for many pneumatic applications.

The versatile 3- and 4-port lineup is available in three sizes:

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Benefits of the Balanced Valve Series

Multi-Purpose Functionality
  • Normally Closed or Normally Open
  • 2- or 3-way
  • Diverter or Selector
  • Pressure range of vacuum to 125 PSIG.
Multi-Media Compatibility

The balanced poppet design performs regardless if the media is air or inert gas, clean, dry, lubricated or contains airline impurities.

Reliable Shift and Tight Seal

Internal forces generated by the pressurized media are neutralized. The shifting forces of the coil and return springs are optimized to seal the poppet to tight leakage specifications.

High Flow Capacity

The balanced design and optimized solenoid magnetic circuit allow for significantly greater flow within a reduced overall size.

Easy to Use

All electric and pneumatic connections are on opposing surfaces, minimizing total occupied space and simplifying mounting and connections during installation.